The Best Soccer Cleats for Midfielders


Soccer cleats are necessary footwear for soccer players, especially for midfielders who need as much traction as possible on the field. Buying the best pair entails finding ones that fit well, feel comfortable, use traction technology and allow easy kicking ability. Some of the best cleats on the market that feature all of these elements are from familiar names Nike, Adidas and Puma.

Nike Cleats

  • Those looking for hi-tech cleats for midfielders would find a lot to like in Nike’s Mercurial Vapor series. As of 2010, the Mercurial Vapor VI cleats are known to be a challenge to break in, but have amazing performance ability once they've been used for a few weeks. According to the Soccer Cleats 101 blog, the glass fiber composite sole plates are extremely stiff, but have a chassis made of the same material to make the cleat lightweight for better performance. Nike created a special grip in the front area of the cleat to help provide better traction during the first running steps on the field. This alone may be worth the expensive retail price of $190 in most stores as of 2010.

    These cleats are colored purple and will show up better on a field. With that design, a midfielder may have a better chance of being passed the ball by her teammates.

    Another good Nike cleat is the Nike Superfly II with a design that makes them as lightweight as possible at only 7.8 oz. The difference between these and the Mercurial Vapor cleats are in the use of Flywire technology, which features wires that attach under the cleat to provide extra traction. The cleats also have adjustable studs in the front to allow extra grip when a midfielder swivel or pivots on the field.

Adidas Cleats

  • One of the best lines of cleats Adidas has released in recent years is their adiPure series. As of 2010, the adiPure III is the most up-to-date and features some minor design changes, though Adidas tends to stick to their more conservative approach to the cleat. No bright colors exist in the adiPure series and no special traction devices exist under the shoe. Instead, the cleats that are made of smooth and durable kangaroo leather that allows you to slip them on with ease. They also break in faster than other brands.

    For an added comfort level, the adiPure III has ridges placed along the inner heel of the cleat to help prevent blistering while they are being broken in. This alone may attract midfielders to these cleats, because they are ready to be used immediately in a soccer game. These cleats also have extra padding in the sole to prevent blistering from landing hard on that section of your feet during games.

    The Adidas adiPure III cleats are priced around $130 as of 2010.

Puma Cleats

  • This brand of cleats has always been known for being the best for creating speed ability. As of 2010, the Puma PowerCat provides some upgrades that allow for even better functionality. One of the best features of these cleats is their ability to fit true-to-size with a rounded toe. This features increases comfort level and requires less time to break the shoes in. Another plus to Puma’s PowerCat cleats is the use of kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is becoming one of the things to look for in all cleats for added comfort and easier fittings because it is extremely flexible.

    The PowerCat’s notable technology is their brand-name 3D Shooting Technology that places ridges on the outer surface over the toe of the cleat. Having the ridges there provides the midfielder with an increased ability to rebound a soccer ball without feeling the full brunt of the impact. At the same time, it provides more power at the end of the shoe to make the ball travel farther after it is kicked.

    The regular PowerCat cleats have blades underneath that are fairly sharp, but these can catch on turf, ripping it up and causing it to get stuck to the shoe during a game. A PowerCat turf version is available without the blades.

    Puma’s PowerCat series of cleats can be found as cheap as $45 for junior editions, or as expensive as $209 for the most updated version as of 2010.

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