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As new car technology gets more and more sophisticated, an auto mechanic's duties and responsibilities cover a wider range of repairs and maintenance work. Whether working in a large or small automotive repair shop, the auto mechanic must perform job duties like the diagnosis of electrical automotive problems, changing and repairing large tires on trucks, testing the strength of a car's battery and repairing complex automobile transmission problems.

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In order for an automobile mechanic to fix a car's problem, he must put the car's engine through a series of diagnostic tests. After conferring with the owner of the car with the problem and questioning the owner about the exact problems the owner is encountering with the car, the auto mechanic will bring out the proper electronic diagnosing tools and begin the diagnostic process. The mechanic must run the car's engine through enough tests so he will know exactly what section of the car's engine needs to be repaired immediately to stop the problem.

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Using specific car-tuning tools such as a carburetor injector tool in order to perform a complete car tune-up, an important auto mechanic job duty is to help maintain a car's engine. Performing these types of thorough tune-ups on a variety of cars in the regular work week, the auto mechanic will also change an automobile's spark plugs, align a car's transmission belt and change the car's oil filters in order to complete the tune-up properly.

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When the harsh summer months bring high temperatures to most of the country, a car's air-conditioning system is fully taxed. At these times, an automobile's air-conditioning system will need to be serviced or repaired completely if the need arises. An auto mechanic's main responsibility is to diagnose why an automobile's air-conditioning system is not working properly and then either put more freon into the car's A/C system to help solve the issue, or she will take the A/C system apart and replace the failed parts of the A/C system itself.

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During routine auto mechanic jobs such as changing a car's oil or rotating an automobile's tires, a major duty of the auto mechanic is to examine a car's belts and hoses for any signs of wear and tear. By lifting the car up on a hydraulic lift, the mechanic is able to look at a car's driving belt and radiator hoses as well as check for signs of leakage in the car's oil pan. If the auto mechanic finds any problems with these car parts, he will inform the car's owner about the problems and give the owner an estimate for fixing the hoses, oil pans or belts.

Belts and hoses
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