Flowering Trees in Georgia


There are a variety of flowering trees in Georgia. Some are known for the brilliant blooms, some for their aromatic natures and some for the fragile beauty. From the flowering dogwood to the southern magnolia, there’s something for every home and garden. The trees listed here are just some of the spectacular foliage that flowers in Georgia, producing an array of colors and fragrances.

Symplocos tinctoria L.

  • This tree is known commonly as Horsesugar and Common sweetleaf because its leaves, when torn and the edge licked, taste very sweet. This makes them popular with livestock. Though a short-lived tree, it can grow to be 20 feet tall at full maturity. It blooms in the late spring, typically before the leaves appear, producing small, bright yellow flowers which are fragrant and showy, given their profusion of stamens.

Cornus florida L.

  • Commonly known as the flowering dogwood, these trees can grow up to 40 feet tall with either a single or multi-trunked body. Their flowers show in spring and are white or pink blooms with somewhat heart-shaped petals and a center cluster of yellow stamen. They’re long-lasting and the flowers, as well as the tree itself, are aromatic. Its fruit is red and in fall the flowering dogwood’s foliage turns crimson.

Crataegus viridis L.

  • Known commonly as the green hawthorn or the southern throne, these trees tend to form thickets. They have dense crowns of branches with shiny yellow-green foliage. They can grow to be 30 feet tall at full maturity and have a long life span. Though they belong to the rose family, their dainty white flowers with projecting red and yellow stamens look nothing like roses.

Kalmia latifolia L.

  • Better known as the mountain laurel—and one of two species called by that name—Kalmia latifolia L. is an evergreen that can grow up to 20 feet tall. Its spreading branches produce large clusters of pink, bell-shaped flowers. The blooms are white at the edges, pink deeper in and often have rose-colored spots inside and blossom in mid-spring.

Magnolia grandiflora L.

  • The southern magnolia is a straight-trunked evergreen. It’s very large, fragrant white flowers are popular all over, and well-loved in the southern U.S. The magnolia grows to usually around 50 feet tall, although in rare cases it can reach 100 feet. Its aromatic, cream-white flowers are around 8 inches in size and cup-shaped. They discolor when bruised and bruise easily.

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  • Photo Credit magnolia image by Artyom Yefimov from Fotolia.com
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