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For many office dwellers, the company location serves as a home away from home for their eight or more hours of work per day. Whether your job is to maintain the office decor or you’re interested in livening up your own workspace, there are a variety of ways to incorporate displays at work. Often, with just a few quick changes, you can create a useful and interesting display with items from around the office or your home.


Whether your office is a small group of under 10 people or the hub of hundreds who work around the world, creating an office display of your corporate and employee awards can be a way to inspire both employees and visitors. If employees receive an award from an outside source (such as a “Best in Business” or “Fast Moving Company” plaque), hang it on a wall with other achievements or have a display case built. Each time a new accolade is received, it goes into the award display area. You can even augment the awards by clipping news articles or printing out information that goes with each one. Even awards only slightly associated with the company, such as the corporate baseball team’s second-place finish in its division, can feature prominently in the display area. Walk potential customers by the display or have employee morale-boosting sessions in front of it to remind your staff of everything they’ve accomplished.


You may already have a well-stocked office supply cabinet or even an entire room devoted to supplies, but chances are it looks like a tornado touched down by the time employees have been through it. Instead of shoving all of your office needs on a couple of shelves, consider making a display that maximizes your space. Group supplies by their function, for example, displaying items used every day such as pens and paper clips, right at the front of the display. Larger items, such as notebooks, staplers and binders, may be kept in organizer tubs or buckets at the bottom of the display, so they don’t knock into and spill the contents of smaller containers. Other display options include sectioning off items by job section: things the sales department may need, such as business cards and promotional toys, allowing them to quickly find supplies specific to their job function.


Whether you’re in a cubicle or a private office, you can show off a bit of your hobby or collection to your workmates. A display of your favorite Pez dispensers, Beanie Babies, patches or souvenir spoons can liven up your workplace (if corporate culture permits). If you work in a cubicle, the long, flat edges of your cubicle walls can serve as an excellent display area for your collection. With a strip of adhesive tape on the wall or small dots of sticky-tack on the bottom of each piece, your collectibles can help you through your workday. If you’ve got an office, a small display cabinet, end table or even the shelf that runs under your window, use those places for placing items. When selecting pieces from your collection to display at work, choose items that have little to no value (they’re doubles in your collection or may be easily replaced) in case they go missing. Another consideration is to choose unbreakable items; select a plastic action figure over a glass snow globe, for example, in case someone knocks into your cubicle wall or slams an office door.

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