Flowers That Bloom in August in the Pacific Northwest


The Pacific Northwest encompasses Washington, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia and Alberta. This region has coastline and mountains which cause a variation of climate. Pacific Northwest's coast is a hardiness zone 8 but quickly shifts to 7, 6, and then 5 going inland. The Pacific Northwest is humid and warm inland but can reach near arctic temperatures in the north. Harsher climates like these make plant life hard to imagine. However, there is a myriad of plants that grow well in this region, even in the later months. As summer prepares for fall, in August, there are a number of flowers left growing alongside the road and in gardens.

Bee Balm

  • Bee Balm blooms look like a feathery burst of petals. These have very dark green foliage and can grow 2 to 4 feet tall. Bee Balm blooms July to August in slightly acidic soil. Plant these about 18 inches apart and not near the front door because they attract bees. Apply a thick layer of compost in the ground before planting. These do well in partial sun to shade. If temperatures get too high, protect the root system with mulch or grass. Bee Balm will grow anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, in hardiness zone 4 through 9.


  • Coneflowers come in yellow, pink, red and white varieties. Coneflowers are a tough member of the daisy family that grow in August in any area of the Pacific Northwest, from hardiness zones 3 through 9. The petals of a coneflower fall back around the center like a tablecloth. Coneflowers do best in drier soil so give time between watering. When planting, apply a thick layer of compost, and then it will be nearly self-sufficient.


  • Gardenias are fragrant white flowers that are similar in shape to a rose. Gardenias do best in partial sun to light shade but do not favor extreme heat. Water gardenias with great frequency after initially planting them. After a few weeks, you can switch to watering the gardenias every few days. Rich soil is also important to their survival so make sure it is prepared with generous amounts of compost or manure. Gardenias grow in hardiness zones 8 through 10, along Pacific Northwest's coast.


  • Geraniums are flowering plants that produce little clusters of soft round blooms. This beautiful, diverse flower will hang around through August, anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. These bloom predominately in red, pink and white. Geraniums are more tolerant of poor soil than other August flowers and prefer it on the dry side. Trim off dead blooms to maximize flowering.

Hardy Fuchsia

  • Hardy fuchsia flowers are uniquely shaped signature flowers of the Pacific Northwest and also grow in areas of Britain. These August flowers prefer well-drained soil and need protection in extreme cold. Fuchsias will grow best with manure fertilizer and spring pruning. Hardy fuchsia are another flower that will grow in most regions of the Pacific Northwest, except for the cold zone of 5.

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