Kids Health Fair Activities

Activities and presentations at health fairs often address different aspects of health, including children's health. Kids health fair activities must be interactive and interesting enough to hold their attention and get them excited about looking after their health. No matter what your budget or location, there are many activities you can do at a kids health fair.

  1. Hand-Washing Station

    • Proper hand-washing is important to prevent the spread of disease and to ward off infections in cuts on the hands and arms. The Texas A&M Extension website suggests setting up a hand-washing demonstration station. Use brightly colored liquid, foam and solid soaps to show kids the proper way to wash up. To make it more fun, let the children make their own liquid soaps. Purchase hand soap or shower gel base, body-safe liquid dye, fun fragrances such as candy apple, watermelon and cotton candy and bottles from a wholesale supply company.

    Tooth-Brushing Demonstration

    • Tooth health is vital to overall health, and failure to take care of teeth can lead to a host of illnesses and diseases in the mouth and other parts of the body. While many kids think of tooth-brushing as a chore, a health fair demonstration can help them see its importance. The Texas A&M Extension website suggests contacting local family and children's dentists and asking if they would donate new toothbrushes to hand out to children at the demonstration. Have older children or adults put on a puppet show or short play about the consequences of failing to properly and regularly brush your teeth.

    Exercise Stations

    • Health fairs are ideal times to expose children to forms of exercise they may not have experienced. Instead of the usual jumping jacks and tag, bring in Middle Eastern belly-dancing instructors to teach mini lessons, a former Army drill instructor to set up a mild obstacle course or a high school cheerleading squad to teach the kids simple cheers. If a high-profile college football program or professional football team is in your area, contact them at least eight weeks before your health fair to see if a player or coach would come and talk to the kids about the benefits of exercising and how both girls and boys can enjoy football while getting fit.

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