Accounting Books for Beginners

Learning accounting skills can help you with your personal and business finances, or make you a more valuable employee at your job.
Learning accounting skills can help you with your personal and business finances, or make you a more valuable employee at your job. (Image: money money money image by Tribalstar from

Whether you want to learn accounting to better manage your own personal finances, or you own or are thinking about starting a small business, there are lots of great resources to help you learn the basics and principles of accounting quickly and easily. These books written for beginners assume the reader has no knowledge about the topic, which can be helpful if you're lost when it comes to math, or if you feel rusty because you've been out of school for decades.

Accounting for Dummies

The "For Dummies" series of books are extremely popular for beginners. Written by John A. Tracy, CPA, Accounting for Dummies guides the reader through the basic principles with real life examples, exercises, and a sharp sense of humor. From understanding the language used in the industry to deciphering financial statements and reports, by the time you finish reading this book you'll have a solid foundation of understanding accounting in business. With simple explanations, colorful analogies, and well organized lessons, this book can help anyone get started with learning accounting.

The Accounting Game

This concise book written by Judth Orloff and Darrell Mullis, explains everything one needs to know about accounting using simple examples that cover topics including cash flow, equity, assets, liabilities, taxes, creative accounting, and improving profits. This writing team uses a conversational and non-formal approach to communicating the fundamentals while sharing plenty of useful industry insider tips and practical advice for businesses of all types and sizes. Exercises and quizzes help readers know if they are properly grasping the concepts, or if they need further review.

Bookkeeping and Accounts for Beginners

If you just want the information without any of the frills, humor, or colorful icons, this manual by Moses Carson B is for you. It gets right down to it from the first page, educating the reader about the basics of bookkeeping and the complexities of accounting. This complete reference is organized clearly, and uses simple language to communicate with the reader. Through each chapter the reader can test their comprehension with multiple choice quizzes and exercises.

Essentials of Accounting

The seventh edition of this book, written by Robert N. Anthony, a graduate of Harvard Business School, and Leslie K. Brietner, another Harvard alum, is an all-in-one reference for teaching yourself the principles, processes, and tasks of accounting in business. The writers aim to clarify the ambiguity in accounting language, and present concepts in a clear and concise way. Whether you have math anxiety or not, this book can take you through the stages of learning accounting painlessly.

Bookkeepers Boot Camp: getting a Grip on Accounting Basics

Getting started with accounting can be a difficult and seemingly impossible task, but with Angie Mohr's Bookkeeping Boot Camp anyone can wade the challenging waters and create, manage, and work with an effective, time-saving accounting process for their business. As a certified public accountant, Mohr's experience comes through each chapter as she guides the reader through learning about balance sheets, statements, loans, taxes, and reporting, as well as structuring the day-to-day processes and tasks that make business accounting easier and more efficient.

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