Tips on Getting Pet Odor Out of Tile

If your tile starts smelling, clean it immediately to prevent odors from settling in.
If your tile starts smelling, clean it immediately to prevent odors from settling in. (Image: Tiled floor image by Simon Amberly from

Our pets depend on us owners to stay clean. If we let pet hygiene slip just a little, our home pays the price. Pet odors start seeping into carpeting, upholstery and even tile. Luckily, there are several helpful tips to follow to help eliminate those nasty pet odors from your tile floor.

Clean Up Accidents Immediately

Pet owners know that accidents happen even if your pet is house-trained. Forgetting to let your dog out at the same scheduled time or forgetting to clean the litter box can result in your pet deciding to eliminate on your tile floor. It is imperative that you clean up these accidents immediately, so that the smell of urine and feces does not start to settle into the tile. A quick response to all accidents will help prevent lingering odors.

Clean Your Tiles Often

House-training accidents are not all that contributes to that pet odor in your home. Shedding is a culprit, as well, causing your pet to leave hair and dander behind. While this may seem like something that can easily be handled with a broom, hair and dander do carry pet odors with them, and these odors can easily seep into your tile. If your pet starts to shed, the best way to protect your tile from odors is to sweep the tile floor on a regular basis and mop once a week. This will help eliminate surface odors and some older smells that have settled in.

Pet Odor Neutralizers

There are situations where pet odors are incredibly stubborn and will not go away after repeated cleanings. There are also situations when you just don't have the time to do any deep cleaning but you have to get rid of the smell. For these times, pet odor neutralizers may be able to help. These neutralizers, sold at pet stores, are sprayed directly onto the smelly spots on the tile to help eliminate odors. Pet odor neutralizers are highly effective but should not be used as a permanent substitute to old-fashioned cleaning.

Preventative Measures - Grooming

One of the easiest ways to get pet odors out of your tile is to make sure the odors never return. This can be done by grooming your pet on a regular basis. Frequent baths and grooming will keep your pet smelling clean. Obviously, a pet that smells clean is less likely to leave behind smelly odors on your tile.

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