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Gather the neighbors this summer for some fun that won't end in tears, playing noncompetitive games in which everybody wins. Children ages 3 to 7 often have trouble handling games in which one person is held accountable for a team's loss or is made to sit out due to a mistake or insufficient skills. There are many noncompetitive games to choose from to keep the fun going all summer.

The Cold Wind Blows

  • The Cold Wind Blows is a noncompetitive game that works well with a group of mixed ages and abilities. This game starts with a set of chairs or yoga mats arranged in a circle--one less than the number of players. One player enters the center to become the wind, calling out a sentence that begins with the words "the cold wind blows" and then adds an ending that will refer to one or more of the players. Two examples are a "The cold wind blows anyone with blue eyes" or "The cold wind blows anyone who has a pet." Everyone who falls into the named category then runs through the circle and tries to find an empty spot. The person who is left standing without a space becomes the wind in the center. The game goes on until everyone has had a chance in the center.

Jungle Sounds

  • Jungle Sounds is another noncompetitive game for a group. This game can work with a wide age range and also helps to quiet energy down. The players kneel down on the floor with their foreheads resting on the ground. The leader walks around the room and taps one person on the floor. The chosen person walks to a place in the room or near the circle and makes a quiet jungle animal sound three times. The leader counts to three followed by everyone pointing to the place in the room from which they believe sound came. The jungle sound maker becomes the next leader. Play until everyone has had a turn.

Catch the Mouse

  • Catch the Mouse begins with everyone sitting in a circle. The leader starts by introducing a small ball--the mouse. The mouse is passed feet to feet around the circle. Once the mouse makes it around the circle once, the leader waits until the mouse is halfway around the circle again before introducing a second, bigger ball--the cat. The cat tries to catch up with the mouse. Once the cat is partly around the circle the leader may want to add another, bigger ball as the dog. The leader decides how many times around the circle the mouse travels before making it safely to its hole, thereby ending the game.

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