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Think of wind and water flowing freely throughout your home -- this energy is known as chi in the study of feng shui and is the life force of your environment. Masters have studied feng shui for approximately 5,000 years, and their theories still form the basis of home and office construction and furniture placement for many devotees. The staircase is often a quandary for homeowners, and there are feng shui tips to correct even the most inauspicious placement and design of stairs. Adhering to feng shui principles regarding a staircase may prevent you from falling through the cracks.

Not in Control of Location, Location, Location

  • While you cannot control the placement and shape of a home’s staircase, you can divert the energy the stairs interrupt and prevent it from fleeing the home. A staircase that empties out through the front door allows good energy to tumble down and rush out. Think of all your money flowing down from your wallet on the dresser and out the front door. If you’re in the process of building a home, move the door away from the bottom step of the stairs. If you have no choice in the architecture design, put a plant, an area rug, a statue or any other diversion between the bottom step and the door. This shakes up the chi and encourages it to follow another path.

Remedies for a Bad Location

  • If it’s impossible to move the front door, feng shui practices have other suggestions for redirecting the elusive energy. Hanging a crystal between the bottom step and the door is often suggested, but more studied feng shui masters recommend installing open railings on the steps themselves. This allows the chi to sift through the balustrades and spread its good energy, both up and down the staircase. A staircase that’s anchored against a solid wall allows an easy installation of the open railing. Don’t forget to include a handrail to promote a feeling of safety.

Giving Rise to the Risers

  • The risers, those solid panels at the back of each stair that connect one to the next, are vital for the flow of chi. Open stairs divert the chi, allowing it to flow where it wants and not where you want. If your ultra-modern contemporary design includes steps seemingly suspended in midair, place potted plants underneath the staircase. This lifts the chi upward and redirects the good energy.

Staircase Storage

  • Feng shui is about encouraging good and positive energy. If there’s an empty space below your stairs, use it to fill up the empty air. Tucking a money box into the space is considered good feng shui because it helps attract wealth. Luggage encourages travel. Lining the space with books helps promote a writer’s life. Don’t leave things on the steps before you carry them to their final destination. This blocks chi.

Staircase Coverings

  • A sea of red blood flowing down the stairs is conjured up in feng shui when red carpet covers the stairs. Wood is preferable, because it’s a natural material. Cover windows that face the staircase to prevent chi from escaping. Lighting also paves the way for good energy flow, and also prevents it from escaping when directly overhead in the main entry.

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