Tips on Thrift Store Shopping

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You might be surprised to find out how many thrift stores are in your area.

Thrift stores are a bargain hunter's gold mine, but finding the treasures amidst the trash takes common sense and a few basic skills. Some thrift stores have more valuable items while others may only have a few things that you want to take home. Think about what you need before going to a thrift store; otherwise you could spend too much even if the prices are lower than retail.

  1. Go Early

    • Some thrift stores get quite busy during the day because a lot of people shop at thrift stores for deals. Arrive at the store as soon as they open the doors. This will give you first pick of all the items in the store.

    Ask for Help

    • Ask an employee if they can help you find the specific items you are looking for. This can save you time, especially if there are items in the back that haven't been put on the shelves yet.

    Try on Clothing

    • You can find all sorts of bargain deals at a thrift store, but you can end up disappointed when you go home and find out that a piece of clothing is too tight or even oversized. Try on all pieces of clothing if dressing rooms are available. However, if there are no fitting rooms, check with the clerk to see if there is a return policy. Return the item if it doesn't fit when you get home.

    Buy What You Need

    • Certain bargains are enticing, but avoid buying clothes, books or other items that you don't need. Only buy what you need or want rather than filling your cart with clutter that will end up the garbage. The idea is to save money, not spend more.

    Look for Sales

    • Many thrift store items are already marked down, but you can save even more by heading to the sale rack first. Some thrift stores even reward their customers with discounts. Ask the clerk what they offer.

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