Grants for Orphan Children

According to the website of the non-profit agency Cry of the Orphan, there are more than 13 million children worldwide who have lost both their mother and father. The site also reports that orphans are more prone to become victims of violence, exploitation and other injustices. Children can become orphaned for various reasons including natural disasters and diseases. While orphans cannot take care of themselves, grants are available to help improve their quality of life.

  1. United States Agency for International Development

    • The United States Agency for International Development, an agency that strives to work to protect children's rights, offers a Displaced Children and Orphans Fund. Agencies that register with the United States Agency for International Development may be eligible to receive grants. Criteria for selection include programs that meet the needs of children who have been affected by war or separated from adult caregivers. Programs that have the highest impact for children and focus on the physical and emotional needs of children while valuing religious and cultural practices are given priority.

      United States Agency for International Development
      Ronald Reagan Building
      Washington, DC 20523-1000

    William H. Dunlap Orphanage Fund

    • The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, a conservative evangelical Christian denomination with more than 200 congregations, offers the William H. Dunlap Orphanage Fund to assist orphans. The grant offers financial assistance to organizations that provide projects for the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual care for orphans in a Christian setting. Grants are awarded for a maximum of five years.

      William H. Dunlap Orphanage, Inc.
      Associate Reformed Presbyterian Center
      1 Cleveland St., Suite 110
      Greenville SC 29601-3646

    Show Hope

    • Show Hope, an organization that encourages the church to take care of orphans and to reduce the financial burden of adoption, offers $1 million a year in grants to help put orphans into Christian families. As adoption can cost more than $10,000, Show Hope has provided Christian families for more than 2,000 orphans from 40 different countries including Peru, China, Ecuador, India, and the United States, according to the organization's website. Families with the greatest financial need are given the highest priority for adoption grants. The number and financial amount of grants depends on the amount of funds available.

      Show Hope
      PO Box 647
      Franklin, TN 37065

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