List of School Supplies for Pre-K

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School supply lists vary by school. Specific items depend in large part on a school's budget and what the school can afford to buy. This is especially true in Pre-K, which in many areas is tuition-based and not considered part of public school. In general, however, Pre-K teachers often ask the parents to provide consumable items that are used up during the school year, and personal items that will be returned to the student at the end of the year.

Individual Supplies

  • Most Pre-K school supply lists will include the basics to get your child started on his path to learning. Crayons, pencils, markers, erasers, safety-scissors and glue sticks are all staples on most lists. Other items might be designed to give your child a feeling of security, such as a special stuffed animal, a family photo, or a favorite blanket for rest time. Practical items, such as cleansing wipes and a change of clothing, also may be included on the list.

Classroom Supplies

  • Supplies to be shared in the classroom and even used primarily by the teacher are often included in Pre-K school supply lists. Such items may include things like cleaning supplies, boxes of tissues, outdoor toys such as balls and jump ropes, indoor toys such as play dough, and craft supplies such as printer paper or construction paper.

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