Annual Flowers That Bloom All Summer


Annual flowers bloom every year during a certain time. Summer-growing annuals typically need lots of sunlight and warmth and are very colorful plants with blooms to enjoy for a long time. Picking the blooms of annual flowers encourages more blossoms. Also, many varieties of these flowers continue blooming into fall and winter.


  • The dahlia is a flower that comes in many different colors and blooms during summer. Pick the blooms as they begin to die. This enables the flowers to produce more blooms. Grow dahlias where there is plenty of sunlight, and keep the soil damp. When planting, choose the dwarf dahlias because this variety blooms all summer.


  • Plant geraniums indoors or outdoors. They bloom all through the summer, and sometimes through the beginning of winter. To grow these indoors, put them in a cool spot, somewhere that is under 70 degrees F, but still very sunny. If they are grown outdoors, put them in a shaded area where they can still get sunlight, but will not get too hot. These plants thrive in just about all soil types.


  • Several types of marigolds exist, but each type grows all summer long. Sometimes they bloom in the winter as well. These plants grow from 8 to 40 inches depending on the kind you purchase (African Marigolds are the tallest). Plant marigolds somewhere with lots of sunlight and make sure they get plenty of water as well, but do not over water, just keep the soil moist.


  • Expect to see brightly colored snapdragons in your garden all summer long. They grow in direct or partial sunlight and reach to about 2 feet tall. Pick snapdragons when they are about 4 inches tall so they produce more blooms. As they continue to grow, pick the blooms and more will grow back.

Victoria Salvia

  • This blue, sage-like flower is very dynamic and grows in many different climates and soils. It grows in sandy, dry soil or good, moist soil. It lives in either sunny or shady areas. Also, it blooms all summer long. These plants grow to about 3 feet tall so use them to border your garden or grow in other areas where the soil is not as desirable.

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