Birthday Countdown Ideas


An upcoming birthday is an exciting time, but you might get tired of constantly hearing your child ask how many days are left. Creating some sort of system to count down the days can help your child to visually track how long she has to wait. Whether you're giving a small candy each day or just building excitement, your child will have fun with a birthday countdown.

Countdown Chain

  • Cut out strips of construction paper about one inch wide--one for each day until your child's birthday. Start the chain by making a circle with one strip, then interlock that circle with the next one. Each day, your child can take one link off of the chain. Another idea is to attach pieces of candy to the chain links with ribbons--hard candy in the wrapper works best--and allow your child to eat one piece per day.

Matchbox Countdown

  • Label each matchbox with the numbers counting down to the birthday and place a surprise inside each one. This could be a small candy or just a special image. Close them up and glue them on a piece of paper or cardboard. Your child opens the number with how many days are left to find his surprise. For example, if there are 15 days left until his birthday, he opens up box number 15.

Computer Countdown

  • If your child is a bit older, she may want a computer countdown clock. You can find customizable birthday countdown programs for MySpace, Facebook or forums. Your child simply enters her birthday and the computer program does the rest.

Countdown Display

  • Create a drawing based on the theme of your child's birthday. For example, if he's having a Sesame Street birthday party, you could draw an Elmo and put numbers on his tummy. As each day passes, you change the number to reflect the number of days left.

Countdown Calendar

  • Using either a special calendar or just your family calendar, clearly mark your child's birthday on the calendar with markers and stickers. On each day leading up to it, your child can place a sticker or stamp on the current day. Alternatively, he can cross out the day just before he goes to bed.


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