Small Garden Landscaping Ideas

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in the United States. Every day, you'll find people puttering in their yards, creating colorful scenery surrounding their homes. However, if you have limited space, coming up with small garden landscaping ideas may feel daunting. Landscaping a small garden need not be complex to turn out beautifully.

  1. Borders

    • Put a border around your garden. This gives it a more formal feel. Even if the garden itself isn't planned, the border creates a simple and easy landscape feature. Use stone, small evergreens or ground cover perennials that you can train into the desired shape. One suggestion for planting is English thyme. It makes a nice low-level ground cover.

    Theme Gardens

    • Come up with a theme for your garden before you plant. Have a garden featuring mainly plants with yellow flowers or leaves, for example. Other theme ideas include a butterfly garden, a knot garden and an herb garden. None of these require much space, but it's a good idea to plan them out on paper first so the garden goes in correctly the first time.

    Edible Landscapes

    • Small gardens make a perfect location for edible landscaping. Many herbs and vegetables do quite well in smaller gardens. Know your soil and pick items that you enjoy eating fresh. Start with a tomato plant in the center of your garden. Surround it with garlic and onion plants in a circular pattern. Pant basil and oregano at the garden's edge.

    Rocks, Statuary and Water Features

    • Add water features, statuary or rocks to your garden. Get small water features at numerous home and garden shops that aren't difficult to assemble and use. Pattern your other garden plants around that feature to give it the feel desired. Statuary and rocks work well. Rock gardens are ideal for small spaces, and statuary comes in all sizes and shapes.

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