Auto Electrician Duties


Auto electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining, modifying and repairing the electrical wiring and fixtures on cars and trucks. Highly skilled, these electricians are required to have a deep knowledge of both automobiles and electrical systems. Technicians who work on newer-model cars must also understand the computers and circuit boards that regulate many of the automobiles' functions.

Diagnose Problems

  • Auto electricians are responsible for diagnosing problems with the major electrical systems in cars, including the battery, the ignition, the electronic fuel injection, anti-lock braking, cruise control, fixtures and general wiring. This includes listening to complaints by vehicle owners, diagnosing a vehicle's electrical problems and isolating the specific malfunction.

Repair Equipment

  • Automotive electricians, after identifying a specific problem--will fix it. This can include replacing faulty wiring, repairing ignitions, putting in new fuses and installing headlights, lamps or other electrical fixtures.

Install Parts

  • When an electrical part wears out or a car owner wishes to put in new electrical components, such as headlights or seat warmers, the auto electrician must remove the old components and then install new ones.

Modify Electronics

  • Modifying electronics or providing custom alterations to a vehicle's electrical system may include adding Global Positioning Systems, Bluetooth equipment or other electrical alterations. In this case, the automotive electrician will make the appropriate adjustments to the car's electrical system before adding the new application or equipment.

Test Electrical Systems

  • Electricians will often be asked to test a car's electrical systems for performance and safety. Using a variety of diagnostic tools, the electrician will make sure that the car's wiring and major systems are functioning to specification.

Providing Estimates

  • Part of the automotive electrician's duties includes providing estimates of the cost of the work to be completed. After a electrician has identified the work that needs to be performed on an automobile, he should then be able to offer an accurate estimate for how long it will take to complete the work and how much money it will cost. Once the estimate has been made, the electrician should then do his best to meet the estimate, though unforeseen elements could affect the original estimated pricing.

Maintaining Work Space

  • During the course of performing electrical work, electricians can become quite messy. When working on most automobiles, particularly personal cars, it is imperative to strive to keep a clean workspace and not soil the surface or interior.

Complete Documentation

  • Electricians are required to fill out documentation specifying their observations and modifications made before, during and after the individual job. This includes outlining the problems observed in the car, the work plan, the modifications made and the final cost of the job.

Continuing Education

  • As new cars are created, so are new electrical systems. To stay current, electricians should receiving continuing education and training in advances in automobile technology, as well as new techniques in diagnosis, repair and modification.

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