Principles of Home Decoration

Interior decorating is an art. It is a personal expression of your individualized style. Interior decorating, however, should not be confused with interior design. The basic principles of decorating are not focused on architecture or environmental psychology like design, but instead on creating a space that is purposeful, balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Purpose

    • Home decoration should follow suit with the purpose of the room. For example, if your intended use of a room is for relaxing and watching sport, there is no need for the inclusion of dainty flowers and pastel colors. Just the same, if you are decorating a formal dining room to entertain guests, there is no place for a sports jersey hanging on the wall. There are, of course, exceptions to each of these statements, but the general principle stands true. Interior decor should complement the purpose of the room.


    • Balance is a principle pulled from interior design. In interior design, there are three main types of balance. The first, symmetrical balance, deals with objects lining up perfectly with other objects. For example, when decorating, you might place two candles on both ends of a fireplace hearth in a position directly across from each other. In doing this, you have created a symmetrically balanced look. Symmetrical balance automatically makes people feel comfortable in a room due to its relevance to the human form. Another type of balance is asymmetrical balance. Asymmetrical balance has become popular in modern design and decor as it is more casual. To achieve asymmetrical balance, you might place emphasis on one end of the fireplace with a candle and on the other end with a knickknack of similar size.


    • Home aesthetics refers to the beauty of a space. Creating a space that is aesthetically pleasing is a primary principle of home decoration. Consider not only balance and purpose, but also flow and harmony. Flow and harmony refer to the way all elements in a room work together. For example, arranging furniture around a central focal point like a fireplace will create a space that is practical and functional.

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