The Best Plants to Grow Hydroponically


Hydroponic gardens, which use nutrient-infused water instead of soil, allow for better control over nutrients, pH balance and yield. states, "Hydroponics allows plants to grow up to 50 percent faster than they do in soil." This allows hydroponic gardens to produce more food even in areas where farmable land is unavailable. Still, some plants are better suited to hydroponic growing than others.


  • Rich in vitamin A and C, tomatoes are one of the most commonly eaten fruits in the world. In fact, according to, "Americans obtain more of their vitamins from tomatoes than from any vegetable." Fortunately, tomatoes are also one of the best and most popular plants to grow hydroponically. Growing tomatoes hydroponically requires up to 10 hours of sunlight and a calcium supplement added to the normal hydroponic mixture to ensure proper growth. Tomatoes grown hydroponically are smaller than earth-grown ones, but are more numerous and nutrient packed. Tomatoes grow quickly and can be harvested after about 100 days.


  • Begonias offer beautiful blooms of many colors and are a colorful addition to any garden. Whether looking to enhance your landscape or just looking to give your house some color, begonias are a low maintenance hydroponic plant solution. Begonias can be grown from seeds or from tubers and need little light and can be grown in a normal high nitrogen nutrient mix used for flowering plants.


  • A common spice used in many Italian dishes, basil takes very well to the hydroponic system. Hydroponic basil needs a full day's sun exposure, so growing should be done either outside (usually enclosed in a greenhouse or plastic covering) or in a small container near a window with an unobstructed view of the sun. Basil grows fast and can be harvested when the plant grows to about 12 inches tall.



  • For those looking for a flowering plant but with only limited light, zinnias provide a hydroponic answer. Only needing half a day's sunlight (about six hours,) these plants are perfect for small hydroponic containers placed near windows and bloom into several different colors and sizes.

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