What are Skills for a Customer Service Resume?


Customer service is a set of products, services and level of service offered to customers. It is no longer just a department but rather is the attitude of a company toward its customers. Without customer service, a company's revenues will suffer and customers will purchase from competitors. As a result, those in customer service have a direct impact on the perception that a customer has of a company. The ability of a customer service representative (CSR) to do things such as communicate effectively and problem solve are very important. These types of skills should be highlighted on a resume.

There are basic skills needed for a CSR.
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CSRs must be able to communicate effectively in person, over the phone and via email and chat rooms. In person, the CSR must ensure that his body language does not contradict what he is saying. His non-verbal cues should be in sync with what he is saying. Over the telephone, the CSR must actively listen to the customer. This means asking clarifying questions to ensure that he understands the customer's issue and restating the customer's problem to inform the customer that he is listening. Communicating effectively in writing is important also. When customer service is provided over the phone, the CSR must enter notes into the computer system to advise the next person of the conversations that have transpired. CSRs that use email and chat rooms should be aware of proper etiquette. For example, he must not use all capital letters when typing a message; this signifies yelling. The CSR should know proper English and grammar rules. There should not be any typos or misspellings on the resume.

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Regardless of how the customer service is delivered, the representative must have problem-solving skills. He should know how to ask the proper questions to get to the appropriate solution. The CSR needs to get to the core of the customer's issue, gather information, create solutions, communicate the solutions to the customer and assist in implementing those solutions. In addition, the representative will keep the customer updated on each step in the process and any next steps that are needed.

Problem solving
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Customer service is delivered using a myriad of technology. The CSR should be familiar with basic computer use. He should know how to navigate the company's enterprise systems, desktop software and the Internet. The less time spent on a basic understanding of computers, more time can be spent on learning the company's products and services. On the resume, include a listing of the computer software that the CSR has proficiency in.

Technical ability
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With scarce resources and customers not spending as freely, it is necessary to maximize the opportunities that already exist within a company's customer base. Companies offer complementary products to assist current customers. For example, a copier company may offer not only copiers, but software to help a company manage document retention. CSRs will be asked to offer products and services to current customers; this is cross-selling. The CSR may also offer more expensive products; this is upselling. The resume should show the results that the CSR achieved through upselling and cross-selling.

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