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Christian drama skits can be fun to write and perform. For churchgoers, they also serve as an effective means for celebrating Bible stories and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to people in the community. After watching a Christian drama skit, audiences often leave uplifted from the positive messages portrayed through the characters and the plot line.

Bible Story Skits

  • The Bible is filled with compelling stories that make for exciting Christian drama skits. There is no need to spend time creating interesting characters, engaging dialogue or stirring plot lines. Bible stories are already packed full of each of these elements. Consider a few of the most popular Bible stories. Beginning with the book of Genesis, you find Adam and Eve and the story of creation. This is followed by their unfortunate fall from the Garden of Eden, and later, the conflict with their sons Cain and Abel. A few more books into the Old Testament you encounter the story Moses whose mother set him afloat down the Nile River to help him escape death. Moses goes on to lead the Israelites out of bondage, even parting the Red Sea in the process -- an event that would play well in a Christian drama skit. David, Samson and Delilah and Jonah are other exciting Bible characters whose lives would play well in a live skit. The New Testament, particularly the stories of Jesus Christ and His exemplary life on Earth provides a wealth of gripping plot lines as well. Essentially, the entire Bible can be a valuable tool for developing Christian drama skits.

Holiday Skits

  • You can visit most any Christian church during the holidays and find a Christian drama skit in the works. In April, Easter is at the forefront. Kids, in particular, are typically asked to perform Easter speeches, sing songs and participate in skits to celebrate this holiday. Thanksgiving is another holiday where Christian drama skits take center stage. The theme might be the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock or a collection of songs and Bible verses that have messages of thankfulness. However, perhaps the busiest season for Christian drama skits is Christmas time. Parents, kids and any willing church member may be called upon to participate in Christmas skits. The story of the birth of Jesus Christ is portrayed consistently in schools, churches and in theaters during Christmas time. Cantatas or musicals, which feature a series of Christmas carols, are also compelling themes for Christian drama skits during Christmas.

Youth Skits

  • While kids may participate in Bible story and holiday skits, the opportunities for including children in your Christian drama skits are numerous beyond these two themes. A popular Christian drama skit theme for children is signing music. For this format, a series of expressive songs are selected and kids are taught to interpret the songs using sign language. Another frequent theme is the use of puppets. While adults will typically use puppetry to perform skits for an audience of children, more and more youth are using puppets themselves to perform Christian drama skits before their peers. By developing their own characters and creating voices for them, children are able to use their creativity to tell a story through Christian drama skits.

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