Craft Ideas With a Body Theme for Preschool Children


Teaching preschoolers about the human body can be a arduous task because they often have short attention spans and don't know much about the subject. One alternative to teaching anatomy is to use crafts and demonstrations to convey simple information about how their bodies works.

Five Senses Craft

  • One of the things preschoolers learn about their bodies is their five senses. Help children remember these by creating a five senses craft using tempera paint and markers. Help each child dip her hand into tempera paint then press it onto a blank sheet of paper. Once the paint dries, have her draw an image of one of the senses at the tip of each finger. For example, above the pinkie she could draw an ear, and above the thumb she could draw the image of an eye and so on.

Pasta Skeleton

  • Preschoolers can learn about the skeletal system by creating a visual representation out of different types of dry pasta. Each child will need a sheet of black construction paper, craft glue and a variety of pasta shapes. Help the children start by gluing a piece of wheel-shaped pasta for the skull, twisted pasta for the spine, arm and leg bones, spaghetti for the feet and hand bones, and macaroni tubes for the ribs. One the pasta picture is dry, hold it next to a picture of a skeleton to show the students how the pieces of pasta represent different bones in the body.

Pumping Balloon Heart

  • Preschoolers can learn how blood is pumped through the body with a demonstration how squeezing a balloon can pump water out of a straw. Place a funnel into the opening of a unfilled balloon. Pour in water with one or two drops of red food coloring in it to represent blood in a human body. Take out the funnel and insert a drinking straw into the opening of the balloon; use tape or a rubber band to hold it in place. When you squeeze the balloon, the red water will squirt up through the straw like blood flows through veins in the body. Talk about how important it is to have a healthy heart.

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