Career Ideas for ENFPs


ENFP is a personality acronym that is one of 16 different temperament types assessed by the Myers-Briggs test. ENFP stands for "Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving." ENFP types are generally enthusiastic people who love being surrounded by friends--commonly known as "the people person" in society. ENFPs tend to have strong opinions and may take on "save the world" objectives. Careers that require strong convictions while providing a definitive social aspect to the job can lead to the best careers for ENFP types.


  • ENFPs are well-suited to work as counselors. These position can range from school counselors to marriage-and-family therapists. In any case, ENFP people dislike routine and repetitive tasks, and acting as counselor enables them to meet different people in different situations on a consistent basis.

Human Resources

  • ENFP types are well-suited for work in human-resources positions. With excellent interpersonal skills, ENFPs can be counted on to establish good relations with all employees and effectively communicate company needs and expectations.


  • Among education majors enrolled in college, ENFPs are the third most common type. Teaching is a career choice where the ENFP is able to experience different situations on a daily basis, dealing with different students on a yearly basis if not by period, and still have some sense of independence, which ENFPs value.

Journalist / Writer

  • ENFP personality types are multi-faceted and creative folks who tend to possess good verbal and written skills, which position them well for a career in journalism. They are logical and rational types. ENFPs are skilled at focusing on projects and understanding the desired objectives.


  • With their dislike of routine, monotony and repetition, ENFP personalities are well suited for starting their own businesses. ENFPs make good inventors, as they are future-oriented. Taking on their own projects and having the freedom to be creative is ideal for ENFP temperaments.

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