Types of Toilet Plungers


The toilet plunger is a simple and common tool that is, at the same time, very essential for every bathroom. Plungers are used for one of the most pressing of all bathroom repairs, a clogged toilet, and they provide a highly effective means of clearing most clogs you will encounter.

Plunger Design And Use

  • The basic plunger design is a rubber cup attached to a shaft or stick. While gripping the plunger shaft, you place the cup over the toilet drain, creating a seal, and repeatedly pump the plunger up and down in the toilet drain. This action causes a vacuum and dislodges whatever is clogging the toilet. When you first begin plunging, be sure you initially press down slowly and gently. If your initial stroke is too fast, you will force the air inside the plunger out around the seal you created and send water spraying out of the toilet bowl and onto both you and the bathroom floor.

Plunger Effectiveness

  • The plunger is most effective at removing shallow blockages in the toilet drain that are not too deep within the piping. A toilet clog usually forms at the bottom of the bowl or in an area just beyond the bowl area which is called the trap. The trap has two locations, a bottom area and a top area, in which a clog can form. The vacuum created by using a plunger is able to work the clog loose from both these areas.

Standard Cup Plungers

  • The standard, classic toilet plunger that has a rubber suction cup attached to a plastic or wooden shaft is effectively an all-purpose tool for unclogging common toilet blockages. This design has been in use since before World War II and, of all the plunger types, relies most heavily on manual force to unclog the toilet.

Combination Plungers

  • The combination toilet plunger has a rubber suction cup that is equipped with a fold-out flap at the cup's mouth that fits into the drain opening, "snaking" down securely into the rim of the toilet drain. For this reason, this design is sometimes referred to as a "snake" plunger. If you look at it, the plunger appears to have two cups instead of one. This type of plunger is twice as effective as the classic design at unclogging toilet blockages because its provides more pressure when you plunge.

Bellows-type Plungers

  • The bellows-type plunger is made of black rubber and has a stretchable bellows design. This plunger type is also the most powerful, delivering seven times the plunging power of the standard cup design.

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