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Carl Jung developed a set of personality types, which were then worked into an assessment test with 16 possible outcomes known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. One of the possible results is the INFP personality, which stands for Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving, the key traits of this personality type. INFPs are known as dreamers, flirting with fantasy and remaining positive about most people. People like Helen Keller, Shakespeare, and Julia Roberts classify as INFPs. Some careers are particularly well-suited for people who have INFP personalities.


  • The calm nature typical of INFPs make them well-suited for a career in teaching. Teachers create, maintain, and execute lesson plans for students in order to give them the most information and have it be retained. Many teachers specialize in a certain subject, such as English, math, or science. Teachers need good written and verbal experience, the ability to work well with others, a high tolerance for stressful situations, and the ability to be flexible and adapt to any situation that might arise.


  • Psychologists study the way people think and behave.The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that just over one-third of psychologists are self-employed, which works well for INFPs, as many of them prefer solitary work as opposed to working on a team. Some psychologists focus more on the research aspect, performing studies and testing new theories with clinical studies and lab experiments. Others specialize in helping other people through counseling sessions. Those looking into psychology can choose from a number of different subfields, such as child psychology, clinical psychology, and abnormal psychology.

Religious Worker

  • The desire to help others is a key trait for religious workers, of which INFP types have an abundance. Religious workers exist within many different denominations. The position is similar to that of a social worker in a religious context. Religious workers counsel members of the religious congregations, organize volunteer work, and attend to administrative duties. A religious worker may help the church deal with issues of homelessness, abuse, and illiteracy.

Counselor/Social Worker

  • Counselors act as in-house psychologists at schools and universities, while social workers make sure that children and families are living in good conditions. Counselors test students for things such as career aptitude, as well as counsel students with emotional or behavioral issues. Social workers often go to the homes of individuals to make sure that they are providing the best care for a child. These jobs are well-suited to the INFP personality type, which includes service-oriented people who value other people above themselves.


  • Musicians have a wide array of potential careers. They may work on cruise ships, in restaurants, orchestras, choirs, and churches. Learning to play multiple instruments can increase job prospects. In many cases, musicians perform other income-earning activities to make up for any periods of unemployment in the music scene. Since work as a musician is often times less mainstream than other careers, it works well for INFPs, as they enjoy being apart from the norm.


  • INFPs work well as writers such as novelists, poets, critics and screenwriters because of their strong written communication skills and creativity. An important part of writing is researching, which takes up quite a bit of a writer’s time. As with musicians, writers experience periods of unemployment that is usually supplemented by working other jobs.

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