Cures for Missing Areas in Feng Shui


The ancient art of feng shui is based on a bagua, a map or grid of the areas of a home or property with qualities assigned to each section. If any of those areas are blocked or missing, the energy for that quality will be affected. Feng shui "cures" missing areas by adding symbolic items to expand the chi energy into that area and get it moving again so that good fortune can flow freely.

Wealth Corner

  • The wealth corner of your home or any room is the southeast corner. If you are missing the wealth corner---the building cuts in at that point---or if you want to attract more prosperity, place a three-legged frog sculpture with a coin it its mouth in the area that should be the wealth section. If possible, the frog should sit diagonally from a door. Or tie three, six or eight Chinese coins (reproduction coins will do) with a red ribbon and hang them in the area. If your yard slopes away from the wealth corner of your home, station a light fixture to shine up on the southeast corner of the house for several hours each day to shore up good fortune.

Marriage and Relationships Corner

  • The southwest area of a room or house is the marriage and relationships area. If this section is missing or blocked by a wall, restore positive chi energy by hanging or placing a crystal where the missing area should be or positioning a mirror to reflect that area. The mirror should not have any distortions or an especially unusual shape. Round mirrors symbolize wholeness so they are powerful relationship magnets. A candle is another way to energize and expand a missing relationships area by invoking the power of fire. You may also hang a light in this area instead of using a candle but replace any burned out bulbs immediately or your cure will have the opposite of its intended effect.

Career Area

  • The north area of the bagua is the career area. If it is missing or blocked, you can use water or sound to remedy its absence. Wind chimes hung in a doorway, outside a home or in a window where the career area should be will activate the energy and "cure" the missing area. Water is a strong remedy and can take several forms. A small fountain in a room gets the chi moving. A fish tank or aquarium can have a beneficial effect but be sure to keep it clean and keep the fish healthy or the good energy will be lost. Outside the home, a pool, pond or birdbath can fix a missing career area but using these remedies requires some care. Do not allow any corners of the pool to point at the house to avoid "cutting" your luck. Let a pond have rounded edges---a crescent shape can also interrupt good luck with sharp points. And keep a birdbath filled with clean, clear water for clarity of mind.

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