Easy Ways to Fold Paper Napkins


While cloth napkins have been around for centuries, the advent of paper napkins in America can actually pinpointed to a company picnic that was hosted by entrepreneur John Dickinson in 1887. Since then paper napkins have become a staple of the American household. They are an inexpensive way to wipe hands, fingers and lips around the dinner table or when entertaining guests. Paper napkins have also come a long way from the cheap two-ply versions. High end paper napkins can now be folded just like their cloth counter parts.

Sail Folding

  • For this napkin folding technique, you are trying to imitate a sailboat sail. Simply lay the napkin in front of you so that it is completely unfolded. Fold the napkin down towards you so that you have a rectangle with the open end near you. Take the top left corner of the napkin and bring it down to the mid-point of the napkin. Repeat this action with the right side. At this point you'll have a triangle shape with a seam crease in the middle. Finish the sail by flipping the napkin over (seam crease is now down and taking one corner of the triangle and folding it over the other. Run your finger along the seam crease to press it into place. The napkin can now stand on a plate like a sail.

Fan Fold

  • This easy fold will create the image of a fan inside a water glass. Lay the napkin out in front of you so that it is open. Fold the napkin in half toward you so that you now have a rectangle. Fold the napkin into quarters. Next according fold the napkin by making small folds across the napkin back and forth. You will now have avery skinny napkin that has been creased numerous times. Grab the napkin on the bottom and make a small "J" shape as you place it in the glass. Then spread out your napkin fan.

Napkin Roll

  • The napkin roll is great for a picnic or packed lunch with family and friends. Lay the napkin out so that it is open in front of you. Bring the top left corner to the bottom right corner so that a triangle is formed. Place your silverware along the edge of the triangle that is not opened (the creased end.) Fold the corners on either side of the silverware over the silverware so that they meet in the middle. (You know have a shape that looks like a house.) Then roll the silverware tightly starting from the bottom and moving toward the top triangle point. The tip of the triangle point will rest over the napkin roll.

Ring Stuffer

  • This is one of the simplest napkin folds around. Lay the napkin flat in front of you. Pick up the napkin from the very center and stuff the bottom through a napkin ring. You may also try an alternative version where you place the silver in the ring. Simply lift the napkin from the center place the silver at that point in the center and stuff through the napkin ring.

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