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Inventor Thomas Edison developed 1,093 U.S. patents and over 1,200 non-U.S. patents in his lifetime. His invention productivity and his perseverance with the incandescent light bulb have inspired inventors for decades. Creating something new is an exhilarating experience and it does not necessarily need to be something complicated discovered after years in a lab. Keep in mind that these simple invention ideas are only ideas and that you will have to deal with the patent and trademark offices to ensure that the idea hasn't already been created.

Foot Insoles

  • One of the major causes for blisters is friction. When a person's foot rubs against the material of a shoe enough times in a certain way, a blister can develop. If you can find a way to prevent the rubbing, you can prevent the blister. An insole that attaches directly to the bottom of your foot would keep your foot safe from blisters. Made of a material that dispels friction like felt, this foot insole would keep feet from developing blisters after even the longest hike. When you no longer need it, simply remove the attached foot insole.

A Pencil Plus

  • This simple invention idea comes from the grade school classroom. An uncomplicated invention does not have to be one item, as it can be two existing items added together. For example, a group of kids came up with some of the following ideas when prompted by a teacher for combination pencil inventions. They came up with a compass pencil, a pencil with an eraser on each side (a gag gift), a pencil and makeup applicator, a pencil with a lit tip and a pencil with a cigarette lighter. Your idea does not have to involve a pencil, but it can involve the combination of two already existing ideas.

Portable Nasal Filters

  • Throughout our day we may walk through some extremely toxic areas. Whether it be with a friend who smokes or near a sawdust-laden construction site, it would be nice to have a painter's mask with us just in case. By developing portable nasal filters, you can breathe through your nose without worrying about taking in toxins. The nasal filters work just like ear plugs except you put them in your nose and you can still breathe through them. Like a filter on a cigarette, the toxins are absorbed and not let through the nasal filter. These would be especially helpful on a smoggy day or at a party full of smokers.

A Twist

  • Sometimes taking an existing invention and making it into something different is all that you need to create a unique invention. Take for instance the recent development of the maple phone. This device is a cellular telephone that is almost completely made out of wood instead of the usual components. The phone is a bit heavier and does require some non-wood parts, but for the most part uses completely renewable materials and could become an extremely trendy item. Try taking something in existence and making it your own in a similar way.

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