What Are the Functions of Blenders?


Blenders are a staple household appliance that have a long history in the culinary profession. Blenders make quick work of many kitchen tasks reducing the time required to complete a meal in many cases. Further, these electrical machines allow for multitasking in the kitchen as the machine does its work.


  • Soups are easily created in blenders. Fill the blender with your ingredients and set it to the appropriate setting. The blender will uniformly blend and break down the ingredients into a soup that is blended in a matter of minutes.


  • Sauces and other thick mixtures that require constant agitation for a prescribed period of time are easily made in a blender. Condiments such as mayonnaise, ketchup and BBQ sauce are blended to achieve a uniform taste throughout. Blenders also mix large spices, such as Capers, into sauces with the pulverizing blades.


  • Thick drinks such as energy drinks, protein shakes and dessert shakes are created in blenders using only basic ingredients. The blender evenly distributes user-defined flavor mixtures into a base of ice cream or liquid. This provides a method of unique flavors to be created in home-made drinks.

Ice Crushing

  • Blenders serve as an excellent source of crushed ice when making bar drinks such as margaritas. A sufficiently powerful blender can turn an entire liter container of ice cubes into ice chips in just a few seconds of operation. The closed top also allows for increased safety in comparison with normal ice chipping methods as no ice shards can escape the container.

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