Combat Jobs in the Army


Hundreds of career paths are available to new recruits in the army. One popular job category for soldiers is combat. There are 24 types of combat jobs in the army, including five officer positions and jobs in the special forces.

Crewmember Jobs

  • A number of combat jobs in the army require you to work closely with a team, so you'll be part of crew while on active duty. These positions include air and missile defense crewmember, cannon crewmember, M1 armor crewman and multiple launch rocket system crewmember. To work in any of these positions, you'll go through a nine-week Basic Combat Training course, followed by several weeks in Advanced Individual Training to learn the skills you'll need while on active duty.

Air Defense C41 Tactical Operations Center Enhanced Operator Maintainer

  • As an air defense C41 tactical operations center enhanced operator maintainer, you'll have not only one of the longest job titles in the army, but also serve in one of the most important positions. In this job, you'll work to detect and identify aircraft to warn soldiers of possible enemy movement. Your job in this field also entails working with army intelligence and other combat teams.

Cavalry Scout

  • Cavalry scouts work to gather information on the battlefield, help with unit navigation, check the safety of convoy routes ahead of time and provide information to soldiers about enemy activity. Your training will include information on concealment and camouflage, and you'll learn to be the eyes and ears of the army.

Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist

  • Filed artillery automated tactical data systems specialists work with field artillery teams to provide target location during combat and keep the lines of communication open. You could also work from one of the field computer centers in this position.

Firefinder RADAR Operator

  • Firefinder RADAR Operators also work with field artillery teams. Firefinder devices are machines that detect potentially dangerous objects like bombs, using radio and sound waves. As an operator, you'll run such a system to keep soldiers safe in combat and during movement. You'll also be responsible for helping with the construction of bunkers and other fortifications in combat zones in order that the artillery teams can do their jobs as safely as possible.

Fire Support Specialist

  • The fire support specialist works closely with a field artillery team in combat. This is a field closely related to army intelligence jobs, and some of your duties in this position will include encoding and decoding messages, coordinating targets, using calculations to figure out target location, leading crews in night observation, and helping to set up computer centers in the field to make artillery missions possible.


  • There are two types of infantry soldiers in the military. General infantrymen provide the main power to the army, working to keep the peace and protect others. This is one of the most dangerous army jobs, as you'll work in live combat situations, using hand-to-hand combat skills and a variety of weapons and vehicles. Infantry soldiers also lead reconnaissance missions in enemy territory. There are also positions for indirect fire infantrymen. In this position, you'll learn to use guns and fight in hand-to-hand combat, but your main focus will be on locating mines and using mortars in battle. Indirect fire infantrymen are also top candidates for paratrooper school, as they are responsible for getting weapons and supplies to troops in combat situations.


  • There are two jobs you can consider if you're interested in working with the PATRIOT missile system to neutralize air targets. As a fire control enhanced operator/maintainer, you'll work giving updates during combat, keeping lines of communication open, performing maintenance on the system, coordinating targeting, and determining field placement of PATRIOT systems. You can also work as a launching station enhanced operator/maintainer, tracking ammunition supply, working with communications, and serving as the operator of a specific PATRIOT system launcher location.

Combat Officer Jobs

  • If you want to be an officer in army, you can choose from a number of combat positions. These include air defense artillery officer, field artillery officer, armor officer and infantry officer. In all instances, you'll be a team leader, working to make decisions in the field and providing guidance for members of a specific crew in combat.

Special Forces

  • Army Special Forces teams are made up of elite soldiers who go through advanced mental and physical training to be able to carry out some of the most difficult, dangerous and important missions in combat situations. If you're interested in joining the Special Forces, you'll first go through Basic Combat Training and infantry Advanced Individual Training, all tied into a single program. Upon completion, you need to meet special physical and aptitude requirements to be in the Special Forces, as determined by the Special Forces Qualification Course. If you qualify, you'll attend an advanced school where you can enter one of four jobs: special forces weapons sergeant, special forces engineer sergeant, special forces medical sergeant or special forces communications sergeant.

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