Science Fair Project Ideas for Third Grade


Science fairs are fun for children, as they often entail discovering new and exciting ideas or testing items already known to them. Having a science fair for younger children can be just as fun for the children as it is for the teacher as long as the children have the opportunity to participate in the experiments.

Water and Penny Experiment---One

  • For this project, students will need lots of pennies and a clear glass. Take the glass and fill it all the way up to the top with water. There should not be much space between the rim of the glass and the water's surface. Ask the children how many pennies can fit in the glass before the water spills over. Have the children add pennies to the glass one by one, but remind them to do so carefully to get a correct result.

Water and Penny Experiment---Two

  • This project will require a penny, an eyedropper and some water. Ask the children to write down how many drops they think can fit on the penny's surface. Once everyone has written down their answers, tell them to start dripping water onto the penny's surface until the water drips over the side.

Battery Life Project

  • This fairly inexpensive project requires light bulbs, four different brands of batteries, wires, a stopwatch and a battery holder. Ask students to guess which type of battery will last the longest. Assist the children in hooking up the light bulbs to the batteries via a wire and battery holder, and use alligator clips to hold in place, if necessary. Ask the children to use the stopwatch to determine the battery life of each brand. Doing the test twice with each battery brand will give more accurate results.

Egg Floating Project

  • This project is physics-related and will demonstrate what is needed to make an egg float in water. By adding salt to a cup of water, the salt will increase the water's density. Ask the students to predict how many teaspoons of salt will be needed to make the egg float. Then have them add 1 tsp. of salt at a time to the water and record the result. It might take more salt than they predicted.

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