The Advantages of Static Web Pages


One of the things a modern Web designer has to decide is what basic kind of Web page to create. A Web page can either be static or dynamic. A dynamic Web page contains content that updates dynamically. Pictures or links can change dynamically as specified by a Web designer. In contrast to a dynamic Web page, a static Web page is basically a page that always displays only content the page's designer programmed into the page originally. A static Web page will always appear the same when using the same browser and browser settings. Here are some of the advantages of static Web pages.

Speed and Resources

  • One of the important things a Web designer should usually consider when designing a Web page is the speed at which it will load. This is likely the biggest advantage to a static Web page for numerous reasons. To reach the widest audience, it is wise to design a page that will load relatively quickly on even a relatively slow Internet connection. Static pages can load very quickly, as long as the photos and other content are also properly optimized for speed. Dynamic pages can contain scripts that require a Web server to perform special calculations when a computer user accesses the Web page. This slows down the viewing of a dynamic page. Scripts running on a Web server also slow down the server. Dynamic pages can also contain scripts that run on the computer of a person viewing the page. This can slow down a viewer's computer. Static pages generally do not require any special calculations to be performed by a Web server or the computer of a person viewing a static page. While many computer users today have broadband connections at their home and/or place of work, even broadband users can benefit from a fast page when the Internet connection is shared by multiple computers. A page that loads quickly is also more likely to be given a chance to be viewed when accessed, in comparison to a page that a computer user has to wait for.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Submitting an index of a website's pages and structure is a more straightforward process if the website is made of static pages. A search engine may also send out a kind of software robot to look through a website and list the pages. It is considered to be easier for search engine's software robots to index a website made of static pages in comparison to a website made of dynamic pages.


  • A static Web page is certainly easy to transport in comparison to a dynamic page with a linked database of information. A static page can be moved from one directory to another directory, or one server to another server, just by moving the files in a folder. A static Web page can also be moved to a new Web server platform relatively easily without needing to convert a dynamic database to another format.

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