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The concepts and techniques of human resource management have evolved in the past several years to view Human Resources as a strategic component to the success of a business. Previously, workers viewed Human Resources as a one-sided tool of management, whereas current human resource management creates a successful partnership between workers and management.

Selective Hiring

  • Successful human resource management includes hiring not only the right technical person for the job, but also considering personal characteristics of the potential employee. Following the lead of presidents and chief executive officers who set the "company culture," Human Resources hires people who fit that culture: for instance, fast-paced and energetic versus a more relaxed atmosphere. Human Resources often gives applicants personality or psychological tests to determine whether they suit the company's philosophy, and interview candidates with an eye toward their attitudes and manner of relating to others.


  • The modern concept of human resource management encourages team-building and self-managed teams. Companies believe that empowering their employees builds the workers' self-esteem, giving them the impetus to take ownership of their projects, follow through on results and take pride in the successful completion of their tasks. And this translates into higher-quality products and services and satisfied customers.

Performance-related Pay

  • Performance-related pay encourages employees to work more productively, which results in more job satisfaction for the employee and better results for the goods or services the company provides its customers. Rewarding employees for their job performance motivates them and helps the company retain talented workers. Standards can be established for such positions as production line workers where the employee can receive compensation when he or she reaches the predetermined goal.

Reduce Status Differences

  • Employee resentment toward management is an age-old problem, and modern human resource management strives to reduce the barriers between managers and workers. Communication problems can result in lower productivity, including major setbacks in manufacturing or even product failures. Poor communication also causes interpersonal conflict, which can lead to legal proceedings against the company. Another way to reduce status differences is by sharing information and letting employees be part of the process and corporate strategy.

Extensive Employee Training

  • Human resource management concepts have shown that extensive training of all employees improves the workers' performance, attitude and productivity. Human Resources has ongoing training programs in all areas such as technical expertise, employee relations and workplace rules, giving employees a clear understanding of their position within the company and confidence and pride in their job.

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