Biology Paper Topic Ideas


Through the study of biology, students learn about the living things that fill the world around us. Along with participating in experimentation, biology students also commonly compose research papers in which they explore topics or ideas related to the field of biology. By selecting a relevant and engaging topic, biology students can increase their enjoyment of the paper composition process and build their knowledge base while composing their requisite reports.


  • Explore the concept of aging both in humans and in other animals. Look for similarities in the aging process. For example, in many species the hair grays as the animals age. Look for a biological explanation for these shared aging features. Consider the expected age of each species of animal and the biological or environmental explanations for the differences in lifespans.


  • Research the chemical and biological side of emotions. Gather information about the brain processes that cause emotions to occur as well as disorders that can lead to emotional disabilities, such as depression. Also consider the heredity of emotional disorders and the potential solutions to these genetically perpetrated maladies.


  • Evolution has been a hotly contested issue for centuries. Explore the scientific evidence that indicates that evolution is likely how many came to inhabit Earth. Discuss contemporary evolutionary changes that continue to occur as species' genetic codes modify to adapt the organisms to the world around them.


  • Discuss the Human Genome Project and the concept of DNA mapping. Describe the impact that DNA plays on an organism. Comment upon the contemporary applications of DNA mapping, including crime solving and checking for hereditary ailments.

Genetic Defects

  • Gather information on common genetic defects that occur in plants and animals. Discuss the impact of each defect and the affected gene that leads to each. Compile statistics regarding the prevalence of genetic disorders and discuss potential solutions to these defects.


  • Explore historical data about epidemics. Move through history discussing each epidemic. For each, explain the illness that affected the human population, discuss the number of people who succumbed to the illness in question and describe the mode of transmission for each disease. Provide information on the steps that humankind can take to avoid future, potentially deadly epidemics from ravaging the human population.


  • Research the genetics of sexuality and sexual preference. Gather information for and against the concept of sexual identity being a genetic component. Discuss research within the field and state your beliefs in regard to this controversial topic.


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