Ideas for a Research Paper on Mythology


The Greeks and Romans of the ancient world worshiped a complicated collection of mythological gods. The multitude of stories that still exist about these heavenly figures give modern humans a glimpse at the belief system of their predecessors. Students composing research papers that center around mythology can select from a plethora of interesting topics and engage in intriguing exploration of these ancient figures that were once so integral to human daily life.

Greek Versus Roman Mythology

  • The Greeks and Romans both had distinctive mythological systems; however, these two belief sets were similar in some ways. Explore each mythological system separately and draw parallels between the two, discussing the ways in which they were similar and the ways in which they were different.

Mythological Family Trees

  • The gods and goddesses who make up Greek and Roman mythology are all part of a complex system of familial connections. Research the relationships between the gods and goddesses, and discuss how each god and goddess came into being based on the belief structure of the classic Greeks and Romans.

Mythological Explanations of Natural Occurrences

  • One of the primary purposes of the Greek and Roman myths was to explain the natural occurrences that the citizens of each culture could not understand. Explore the mythological explanations for natural occurrences, such as eclipses, thunderstorms and volcanic eruptions. Discuss how the use of these gods and goddesses to explain these complex events made it easier for people to accept the events that were outside of their control.

Ancient Temple Design

  • Ancient peoples dedicated much time and effort to the design and building of temples. Gather information about the temples these people constructed. Look for common symbols that are found throughout temples and discuss the reasons behind the construction of each temple.

Mythological Morals

  • Many myths, like the Bible stories people study today, contain morals that are intended to guide the actions of devout believers. Explore the common myth morals, describing how each moral is conveyed through myth. Explain why each moral might have been important at the time, and how the same moral may be relevant to citizens of the modern world. Draw a parallel between the morals contained in myths and those contained in the Bible, discussing the similarities and differences between them.


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