The Best Vegetables to Grow in Cold Weather

While gardening might not be as popular in the winter, it is certainly possible as long as the right vegetables are grown. There are quite a few options that will not wilt or die when the weather gets colder, as long as they are properly taken care of throughout the growing season. Furthermore, growing vegetables in the winter helps to keep soils fertile for summer growing, and saves you money at the grocery store. The Southern-most states of the country tend to have the best winter growing seasons, however Northern states can make use of hotbeds and greenhouses to see success in the garden.

  1. Root Vegetables

    • Some vegetables of this type actually do well with the first light frost of the year. These options include carrots, potatoes, beets, parsnips, garlic, ginger and radishes. It is best if these vegetables are harvested before the first hard freeze of the year.

    Leafy Vegetables

    • Growing salad all year long is an important money-saving practice. Salad greens, cabbage, collard greens, spinach and other leafy greens can grow in low temperatures. Even herbs can be planted and grown throughout the year, including the winter time.

    Being Successful at Winter Growing

    • It is important to learn what time of the year the killing frost occurs in your region and plant around this time. The goal is to plant the crops in enough time to allow them to reach full maturity by the time the killing frost arrives. Contacting a local garden center should yield you the specific information you need.

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