Common House Plants Poisonous to Dogs

Some house plants are very toxic to dogs.
Some house plants are very toxic to dogs. (Image: house plant isolated image by Yuriy Mazur from

Many common household plants can be toxic to your dog. These plants have an intense effect on the gastrointestinal tract in dogs. Your pet can also have an allergy or sensitivity to other plants not listed here, so always contact your veterinarian if you think your pet may have ingested a poisonous plant. Signs your dog has ingested a toxic plant include vomiting, difficultly swallowing, excessive drooling and irritation of the mouth.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen, also known as Aglaonema modestrum, is an interior houseplant that has oval leaves with a creamy white variegation. The leaves tend to droop on the small foliage potted plant. The Chinese evergreen has a medium heat tolerance and low water requirement. The plant's insoluble calcium oxalates can cause vomiting, difficulty swallowing and excessive drooling. The plant can also cause intense burning and irritation of the mouth, throat and lips.

Corn Plant

The corn plant is an interior floor plant that has large, arching leaves. The plant is very toxic to dogs if ingested and can cause vomiting (sometimes with blood), anorexia, depression and hypersalivation. The plant can grow 10 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide. It has a medium heat tolerance and low water requirements.


Dumbcane is another toxic plant for dogs if ingested. It has toxic principles including insoluble calcium oxalates and proteolytic enzymes. Signs that your dog has ingested this plant include burning and irritation of the mouth, vomiting, excessive drooling and difficulty swallowing. Dumbcane is a house plant that can grow up to 8 feet tall.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a house plant that is toxic to dogs because it also has insoluble calcium oxalates. The plant has glossy, oval and pointed leaves and white flowers that come from the leaf stalk. The flowers will sometimes fade from white to green. If the plant is ingested by dogs it can cause vomiting, excessive drooling and oral irritation. Another common name for this plant is the Mauna loa peace lily.

Devil's Ivy

Devil’s ivy is also known as pothos, golden pothos, taro vine and ivy arum. The ivy, also containing insoluble calcium oxalates, is toxic to dogs and will cause vomiting, excessive drooling and oral irritation. This is a vining plant that has a rope-like green stem.

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