Plexiglass Crafts


Creating crafts with Plexiglas is as simple as making glass craft projects, but all of the materials used are not the same. It takes special adhesives to connect two pieces of Plexiglas together. Plexiglas also tends to scratch easier than glass. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to leave the protective film on one side of the Plexiglas while you work to protect it from scratching.

Water Wall

  • Create an interior or exterior water wall from a panel of Plexiglas and a rectangular planter. Leave the Plexiglas clear, paint it or cover one side of the sheet with river rock, slate tiles, mosaic tiles or copper strips to create a decorative façade for the wall of water. To attach any of these items to a Plexiglas sheet, use waterproof construction adhesive. The rectangular planter is the reservoir for the wall of water and should be slightly wider than the Plexiglas sheet and at least 12 inches deep. The water circulates from the fountain pump inside the reservoir to the top of the Plexiglas via a plastic tube.

Faux Stained-Glass Panel

  • Plexiglas is as suitable a background as glass for making a faux stained-glass panel. Create the outline of the stained-glass design with liquid leading or self-adhesive leading strips. Squirt the stained-glass paint directly onto the Plexiglas from the container, and then smooth it out with a metal stained-glass paint comb. The comb helps to even out the paint and also helps to remove air bubbles. Stand the faux stained-glass panel in a window or in front of a candle for optimum enjoyment.

Display Box

  • Plexiglas display boxes are simple crafts to make if you have the right materials for the job. Cutting Plexiglas is similar to cutting glass; first score it and then snap it apart at the scored line. Five equally sized panels of Plexiglas work to make a display cube that you can fit over collectibles on a tabletop or a display stand. You will also need acrylic adhesive to glue the Plexiglas together at the seams.

Plexiglas Jewelry

  • Craft personalized Plexiglas jewelry charms and pendants to dangle from chain links or cording. Cut two pieces of Plexiglas into the same size and shape and drill a hole through the top of them both. Sandwich a photo or a dried flower between the two pieces, making sure that the drilled holes line up. Wrap copper tape around the perimeter to hold the two sections together. You can find copper tape in the stained-glass supply aisle of your local craft or hobby store. Thread a jump ring through the hole in the top of the glass to create a pendant or a charm.

    Another way to craft Plexiglas jewelry is to decoupage a paper image or a dried flower onto one piece of Plexiglas. The decoupage glue protects the image and the flower. Remember to drill a hole through the top so you can hang the piece.

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