Netscape Navigator Features

Netscape Navigator was a popular Internet browser launched in 1994 by Netscape Communications. Netscape Navigator was a direct competitor to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but eventually lost ground. AOL saw some potential and bought Netscape Communications in 1999, in an attempt to get it back on track. But despite numerous efforts by AOL, support and development for Netscape Navigator ended in 2008. Before Netscape was discontinued, developers there helped work on what eventually became the Mozilla Firefox browser.

  1. Speed

    • One main feature of Netscape Navigator is its speed. It uses a rendering engine that loads text and graphics at the same time, as opposed to other browsers that first load text and then graphics. This helps especially with slow connections, such as dial-up. Also, it uses cache to save a visited page to the disk, making future access to that page significantly faster.


    • Netscape Navigator integrates CSS, JavaScript and support for HTML standards to keep up with the webpage design tendencies. Plugins such as Adobe's Flash Player and Acrobat Reader allow Netscape Navigator to open Flash and PDF files, ensuring it can handle various types of content.

    Ease of Use

    • The Netscape browser is easy to install and comes with a clean and simple design. It integrates a search feature, customizable to work with any major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Ask, and also comes with a pop-up blocker. Toolbars can also be customized. The browser also supports voice commands and mouse gestures.


    • Netscape Navigator uses SSL encryption to protect sensitive information. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It's a system that checks the identity of both parties before sending or accepting any sensitive information, such as bank account details or passwords. It also integrates anti-spyware and anti-adware solutions to make browsing safe.

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