Health Promotion Thesis Ideas


Why does one state have higher obesity rates than another? What effect does a fast food advertising campaign have on the health of children? Students of health promotion typically ask such questions. Their job is to find ways to explain how societal forces determine an individual's well-being. In the book "Health Promotion," Jackie Green and Keith Tones explain that attempts to improve overall health and well-being will likely fail without enough attention placed on social and environmental factors. The many psychological and sociological themes that can be applied to health promotion can be turned into a wide variety of thesis ideas.

Socioeconomic Status

  • Many variables affect health, including socioeconomic status. How income and health are intertwined is one topic for a health promotion thesis. Nick Eberstadt and Sally Satel take this notion one step further in their book "Health and the Income Inequality Hypothesis." They explore and critique the theory that health is improved when wealth is transferred more evenly in a society.

    In addition to extrapolating data from scientific studies, you can explore this theory just by examining the grocery lists and insurance policies of wealthy and poor families. Poor working families may not have the knowledge or resources to prepare sprouted quinoa for dinner, so they might choose fast food instead. Likewise, they may not have the financial resources to secure a good health insurance plan.


  • Different political parties have different ideas of how to promote health. For example, sex education varies across party lines. Many conservative Republicans favor teaching abstinence, while many Democrats believe in teaching methods of birth control. Another issue with political implications is advertising junk food to children. In her book "Food Politics," Marion Nestle explains that the government regulates advertising to children, citing a kid's inability to process advertisements from reality. Vending machines on campus, gym requirements and school lunch quality are other examples of thesis topics regarding politics and health promotion.


  • Technological forces permeate into the field of health promotion in a variety of ways. How technology can assist with health promotion is a thesis idea---for example, analyzing the pros and cons of computerized medical records. How health information is disseminated online is another thesis idea. David Chenoweth examines the recent phenomenon of receiving health information through the Internet in the book "Worksite Health Promotion." He explains how consolidating health information online can improve the health of individuals and organizations. Your thesis can expound on this idea or take it in a different direction, like how the openness of the Internet can spread misinformation.


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