The Best Christmas Gifts for Moms

Christmas is a time when families gather and create memories that can last a lifetime. When you are trying to figure out the best Christmas gifts for mom, think about how important the family is to her, and use that as your inspiration. You can also think about how hard mom works to do housework and take care of the family, and you can try to find Christmas presents that may bring here some much-needed relief once in a while.

  1. Locket

    • One way that mom can bring a little bit of the family with her wherever she goes is to have a picture locket around her neck. Get her a decorative locket along with a chain, and put pictures of the family in each side of the locket. Make sure that mom is not allergic to silver or gold before purchasing the chain. An inscribed locket with the family's last initial on the outside and a personal message to mom on the inside would be nice additional touches.

    Robe and Slippers

    • Mom works hard to take care of the family, keep the house going and work every day. You can help mom relax with a Christmas gift of a comfortable robe and a soft pair of slippers.

    Birthstone Ring

    • Every month has a birthstone. For example, if you were born in May, then your birthstone is an emerald. Find out from local jewelers what it would cost to get a birthstone ring made for mom with one birthstone from each of the children on it. Inscribe the inside of the ring with the message that the ring was a Christmas gift and for what year to help add sentimental value to the ring.

    Handmade Christmas Cards

    • Smaller children can make mom a Christmas gift by hand. Help your children create a Christmas card for mom by hand using construction paper, paint, glue, glitter, crayons, magic markers and any colorful beads or decorations to glue on as well. The kids can draw Christmas images such as Santa Claus, a snowman or a candy cane to help make mom's Christmas memorable. You can also purchase a wooden frame for the card, and have the kids decorate that as well.

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