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If you're a jokester at heart and love to stir things up a bit when people call you, there are plenty of funny voicemail greeting ideas you can use put one over on someone. If you have the type of voicemail system that allows you to set up select greetings for different people, then this can be even more exciting because you can tailor the greeting to the person.

Life Changes

  • Want to leave someone guessing? Set up this voicemail greeting: "Hello, I am unable to get to the phone right now but thank you for calling. I'm busy making some changes in my life. When these changes are complete, I will be sure to call you back and if I don't, then you're one of the changes."

Phone Tag

  • "Hello there and welcome to phone tag. If you would like to join in on the fun, leave your name and number at the tone, and I will try to reach you when you're not around. Thanks for playing."

Message with an Accent

  • If you have a friend or family member who has an accent different from your own, have them record the message. For example, if you are not British but know someone with a British accent, he or she could record a voicemail greeting acting as your maid or butler. Add a personal variation to the message to give it a funny twist.

Have a Friend Record the Message

  • Have a friend record a voicemail greeting for you. It can be a plain voicemail greeting or a funny one, but just the mere fact that the person who calls you will not recognize the voice on the other end of the phone will make her think she dialed the wrong number. If she calls back, she will realize she's been fooled and you can have a good laugh together about it.

Pretend to Answer

  • Record a voicemail greeting that makes it appear as if you have answered the phone. Simply say, "Hello?" and pause. The caller just might start talking. Then you can follow that up with, "Sorry, I can't hear you. Please call me back later or just leave a message now." That is when he (should) realize he was duped by your funny voicemail greeting.

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