Centerpiece Ideas for Fishing


Use a fishing theme for a birthday or retirement party for someone who loves to fish. Find decorating materials among fishing supplies or create miniature fishing scenes with tiny fishermen. Cover tables with fishing nets over tablecloths or with a fish-print fabric, then add the fishing-themed centerpiece. The fishing supplies may be given away as favors at the end of the party.

Miniature Fishing Scene

  • Make a miniature fisherman stick figure with pipe cleaners or find a small figurine (try dollhouse figures) to sit by a bowl of water. Fill the bowl with natural stones and add real or artificial plants around the edges. Make a fishing pole with a twig and some string. Sit the figure on the edge of the bowl, or on a rock beside it, with the pole hanging over the water. Alternatively, find a miniature boat to float in the water for the fisherman to sit inside, or make a simple boat by coloring a small, plastic foam bowl brown and adding oars made of tongue depressors.

Fishing Flower Arrangement

  • Create a flower arrangement and add fishing lures and bobbers tied to sticks or bamboo poles placed among the flowers. Add cattails or tall grasses to remind guests of the plants found around ponds. If possible, use a vase with a fish theme. A vase shaped like a fish with an open mouth for flowers is ideal.

Water Candles and Bobbers

  • Fill a glass or clay bowl with water. Float water candles and colorful bobbers in the bowl. If using a glass bowl, add rocks to the bottom to make it look more natural. Surround the bowl with small potted plants and rocks and more fishing paraphernalia.

Live Fish

  • Put a fishbowl with live fish in the center of the table and surround it with fishing supplies such as bobbers and lures. Goldfish or betta fish will work, but plain guppies (not fancy guppies) look the most like bass, bluegills and other fish a fisherman might catch. Pet stores sell plain guppies cheap because they are sold as food for aggressive types of fish. Float a few bobbers on top of the fish bowl.

Fishing Tackle Arrangement

  • Make an arrangement using a fishing reel (without the long pole), nets, lures, weights, bobbers and other fishing supplies that fit well into the center of the table. Use new and brightly colored fishing gear, or find antique gear for a vintage look.

Fishing Centerpiece for Children

  • For a child's party, make an arrangement using a miniature bucket (about the size of a quart). Tie string onto sticks so they resemble miniature fishing poles and tie a gummy worm at the end of each string. Place the sticks in the bucket so that they hang out all around, dangling their gummy worms above the table. Scatter Goldfish crackers and Swedish fish candies around the bucket. Use a blue tablecloth and scatter blue, silver and clear glitter to resemble water.

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