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The fuel filter on most cars must be replaced about once a year or every 12,000 miles. While this is one piece of automobile maintenance that the average person can perform, it will not be easy going without the proper tools. Most of the tools necessary for removing a fuel filter can be found in the typical toolbox, but you may need to head to the auto store to pick up some specialized equipment.

Line Wrench

  • Two wrenches are needed to change most fuel filters in the carburetor. One wrench will be used to hold the fuel-inlet setting. While you are doing this, you need a second wrench to open the fuel line nut. No special type of wrench is necessary for this job, but a line wrench may work better than an open-end wrench because it is more likely to give you a stronger grip and avoid slipping. The chances of slippage are increased because you are using two wrenches at once.

Pliers For Wire Form Spring Clamps

  • A special pair of pliers for wire form spring clamps is the best tool for removing the in-line filter held by clamps. Using this type of pliers facilitates loosening or moving the clamp away from the filter. These pliers also make it easier to move clamps around and remove them without scratching surfaces. A pair of regular pliers can be used to remove the in-line filter, but your first time changing the fuel filter will go more smoothly with special pliers.

Cutting Pliers

  • A regular pair of cutting pliers is handy for cutting crimp clamps if they are used on your fuel filter. You will have to either cut or pry open crimp clamps if your car uses them, so make sure to replace the crimp clamps with a spring-wire or worm-drive clamp that is the same size. Once the clamps have been cut or pried, you can remove the hose.

Open End Wrench

  • A standard open-end wrench can be used to unscrew the old fuel filter and thread on a new one. You must first disconnect the old hose at the filter. New sealing washers must be placed on the fittings.

Specialized Tools

  • You may need specialized tools to remove a fuel filter on some brands or models of vehicles. Some cars are equipped with a type of fuel filter connector that are spring-loaded and need a proprietary quick disconnect tool for disengagement. Vehicles with a fuel injection system need a special fuel filter tool to remove quick lock couplings. Before removing the fuel filter in your vehicle, you should consult the owner's manual to determine if you will need any special equipment.

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