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It's always good to have a backup plan when the weather or another factor prevents outside play at a child's birthday party. The kids won't be bored or disappointed if you provide them with a variety of indoor party games they can play regardless of environment. Indoor party games will keep the party goers entertained and will make the birthday celebration a success.

Buzz-Bomb Balloon

  • There is usually no shortage of balloons around a birthday party, and keeping a few extras deflated can make for a party game kids will enjoy. The game is best played in teams, each team with its own color of balloons. The teams stand one at a time, or all at once, behind a designated line and face a target on the floor around 10 or 15 feet away. The target should be stationary, such as masking tape on the floor in the shape of an "X."

    The kids blow up their balloons to the desired size and hold the untied ends until the adult helper counts down from three and says, "Go." The kids release their balloons in the direction of the target. The object is to land the balloons on the mark. Award five points for touching the X and 15 points for a direct hit on the center.

The Nose Knows

  • A blindfold is almost all you need to prepare a funny party game played right at the dining room table. Gather all of the guests around the table and choose one player to begin the game. That person sits and is blindfolded. An adult and one other guest choose any item from around the house that has a distinct (or not so distinct) odor.

    The item is held under the nose of the blindfolded player, who gets one chance and 30 seconds to call out an answer. The player must shout, "The nose knows," and then say what the item is. The other players will have a tough time keeping the giggles to themselves when someone pulls out a stinky tennis shoe or a can of cat food.

Wrapping Paper Parting Gifts

  • The guest of honor at a kid's birthday party is always in position to take home a pile of loot, but the ones attending the party sometimes go home empty-handed. Prevent this from happening by purchasing small gifts for those who show up, and make a game out of it.

    Each gift should be unique and age appropriate, but they do not have to be exactly equal in value. Having one prize a little better than the other is part of the fun.

    Wrap all of the gifts in different wrapping paper. Tear a piece of the same wrapping paper and put it in a pillowcase or bag. Near the end of the party bring out all of the gifts in a pile, and allow the guests to draw a piece of paper from the bag. The guests get to keep the wrapped gift that matches their piece of paper. The guests may also choose to trade their pieces of paper before opening their gifts if they like the looks of one gift better, but clever packaging should make this a tricky situation.

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