The Best RPG Games for the PSP


Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) features many Role Playing Games (RPGs). The hand-held gaming system has made itself the go-to console for several developers of strategy and action RPGs. Since RPGs can require at 20 to 40 hours of gameplay, the discerning gamer needs to be able to sort through the mass of games and decide which are worth his time. Entertainment website IGN's article on "The Top 25 PSP Games of All Time" featured a handful of quality RPG titles amongst the PSP's very best.

'Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII'

  • The original "Final Fantasy VII" for the PlayStation One ushered the RPG genre into the era of 3D gaming and remains one of the most popular video games of all time. "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII" is a prequel to the original and follows the story of Zack Fair and other SOLDIER operatives. The game plays as an action-RPG, meaning that you'll actively control the combat as in "Kingdom Hearts" rather than the typical turn-based combat "Final Fantasy" to which veterans are accustomed. "Crisis Core" still retains all the trappings of a "Final Fantasy" game, though, with similar magic spells, items and summons, as well as many familiar characters and locales from the original "Final Fantasy VII."

'Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions'

  • The "Final Fantasy Tactics" series of video games combines elements from the RPG and strategy genres in a blend referred to as Strategy RPGs, or SPRGs. "Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions" is a remake of the original and features the usual turn-based combat found in most "Final Fantasy" games, but applied to a broader battlefield setting. You'll issue orders to dozens of troops as you battle your foes on a grid-like battlefield. You'll have 22 different classes of troops available to you, from sword-wielding samurai to magically gifted black mages. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, encouraging you to create a diverse army in order to most efficiently take on your foes. You can further customize your troops by finding new armor, weapons and accessories to enhance their abilities.

'Jeanne d'Arc'

  • "Jeanne d'Arc" is a SRPG that takes a chapter of French history, the era of Joan of Arc, and gives it a twist with magical, mythological elements. In the game's version of events, an ancient demon possesses English King Henry VI and hordes of evil monsters lay siege to the French countryside. Heroine Jeanne d'Arc teams up with 14 different warriors, both normal humans and mythological beasts such as elves, to battle against the English army and invading monsters. Your troops won't learn permanent skills and abilities; instead you'll equip them with skill stones that temporarily lend a variety of spells and attacks, allowing you to change your troops' abilities as you go rather than rely on a fixed skillset.

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