Ideas to Make My Preschool Bathroom Fun for Children


Whether you have a dedicated bathroom for your preschool classroom or you share a bathroom with other preschool teachers on your floor, decorate the bathroom to make it a more fun and lively place for students. Fun decor is especially important, since many preschoolers are still learning how to use the potty or may still have some apprehension about potty usage. Keep safety in mind when you are decorating, as well.

Use Bright Colors

  • Designer decor with neutral tones like gray and tan may appeal to adults, but these colors can seem dull to preschoolers. Pick bright colors like yellow, orange, red and primary blue. Don't limit yourself to one color, such as painting all the walls red. Instead, paint one wall red, one yellow, one orange and one green. Or, paint the walls yellow and the trim red and green. Use more color with accessories like rugs, soap dispensers and step stools. Scholastic says that color is one of the first tools preschoolers use to categorize items in their environments. Using many different colors in the bathroom will help bolster students' recognition of various hues.

Pick a Theme

  • Don't stop at color choice. Pick a theme to tie it all together. Try out themes related to the water, such as an ocean theme or a rainy day, but you don't have to limit yourself. Use themes that are related to what students are learning about in class, such as shapes, colors, letters or numbers. Incorporate the theme in wall decals, wall art and accessories like light switch plates, towels, and rugs. Artwork made by children at the school is a perfect choice for wall decor. Educational posters like number charts or the alphabet are also good choices for wall art.

Create Short Stalls

  • Most preschoolers will not go to the bathroom by themselves. Even if students are capable of using the bathroom on their own, a teacher or parent helper is usually present. Short stalls allow students to maintain their independence while giving adults a clear view in case any problems arise, like the student falling into the toilet or becoming sick. Make these stalls more fun by decorating them individually. Options include painting each door a different color or naming each stall individually, such as the "monkey stall" and the "lion stall." Paint appropriate decor on each door. Curtains can work in place of stall doors. Put food coloring or dye tablets in the water to make the toilet seem more inviting. Hang a potty chart for those who are still learning how to use the toilet, and let students put up their own sticker each time they use the bathroom. Hang rules for bathroom use inside the stall, such as reminders on wiping or flushing the toilet.

Add Accessories

  • A preschool bathroom doesn't need many accessories, but a few carefully chosen pieces can enhance the overall look. A thick rug should be placed in front of each sink to absorb any water and prevent falls, and the rug can feature a color or print to match your decor. If you use hand soap, get shaped soaps to match the theme, like fish or stars for a nautical theme. Buy nontoxic options to make them safe for those students who still like to taste everything. Jaclynn Shaw of Kansas State University says that there needs to be 42 to 50 square feet of space per child for optimal learning through physical movement, so do not clutter the space with too many accessories or furnishings.


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