Apple Art Projects for Toddlers


Apple themes teach toddlers about many things. Growing, picking and eating are just a few of the ideas that can be incorporated with an apple theme. Apple art projects offer a variety of opportunities for simple science learning, seasonal themes, Bible stories or colors.

Apple Seed Shaker

  • This apple art shaker toy will help children learn what is inside an apple.

    Purchase clear plastic round or apple-shaped ornaments that open to fill the inside.
    Help toddlers place some apple seeds inside the clear shape. Use tape to fasten the shape closed. Toddlers may place some apple stickers on the outside of the "apple seed shaker."

Tasty Finger Art

  • Tint some applesauce with red, green and/or yellow food coloring. Place a spoonful of one or more colors on a laminated apple shape. Toddlers may finger paint with the applesauce. This toddler art is safe for tasting.

Worm in My Apple

  • A lacing apple craft will help develop toddlers' fine motor skills. Children will also enjoy hiding and finding a worm in their apple.

    For this toddler art, children may color a small paper plate red, yellow or green. Punch holes with a hole punch in several places on the plate.

    Cut a 2-foot length of red yarn for each toddler. Tape one end of the yarn onto an edge of the "apple." Cut green straws into lengths about 2 inches long. Help toddlers push the loose end of the yarn through the straw piece. Overlap the yarn onto about a half-inch of the outside of the straw, and tape the end of yarn to hold securely onto the straw "worm."

    Show toddlers how to push the "worm" through a hole to hide the worm in the apple.
    The worm may go in and out more than one hole.

Apple Poem Fridge Magnet

  • Cut apple shapes from plain, sturdy paper or cardboard. Help toddlers tear pieces of red construction paper or tissue paper into small pieces. Let toddlers squeeze a glue bottle and put glue where they choose on the apple shape.

    When the apple shapes are covered, glue an apple poem to the front of the apple.
    Glue a magnet piece onto the back of the apple.

    Safety tip: Cut magnet pieces more than 2 inches long to prevent choking if the child puts magnet pieces into her mouth onto the back of the apple.

Apple Baskets

  • Toddlers can make an apple art basket to carry apples or to decorate a table.
    Obtain cardboard or plastic cartons from produce, such as would hold a pint or quart of any type of berries.

    Give each toddler four apple pictures to color (apples about 3 or 4 inches across. Provide markers or crayons in red, yellow or green. Let toddlers cut around the apple shapes the best they can.

    Push a chenille stem through one of the apples and through one side of the produce basket, first to the inside of basket, and then back out. Let toddlers twist the chenille stems to hold the apple shapes onto the basket. Repeat with the remaining three sides of basket.

    Toddlers may also make a basket handle by pushing a chenille stem through the top edge of basket on two opposite sides and twisting the ends to hold.

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