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Motivated teams can be very productive.
Motivated teams can be very productive. (Image: motivation black image by pdesign from

When you are trying to find ways to motivate your employees, you may want to consider games that encourage teamwork. Morale can be a strong motivator, and if your employees enjoy the regular team building games, it can be one more way to encourage employees to work harder. People are inspired to succeed by financial reward, but in order to create long-term motivation, you need to use team building games that bond employees together. When employees feel as though they are unified in the company's success, this creates motivation.


Secret is a very simple team building game that is fun and inspires employees to try and work together in communication. The game begins with a series of employees seated in chairs lined up side by side. One of the employees on the end of the line writes down a statement. Then, he leans over and whisper that statement to the employee next to them. He can only say it once and he is not allowed to clarify anything he just said. The secret moves down the line one employee at a time. Each employee can only say the secret once and can give no clarification. The last employee in the line must say what she thinks she heard out loud. Then the final statement can be compared to the original written statement. Prizes can be awarded for the team that gets their statement all the way to the end of the line intact.

Scavenger Hunt

Managers and executives can put together a scavenger hunt where prizes can be paid days off, extended lunch time for a month or the ability to come in to work an hour later for a month. In order to participate, an employee must meet attendance requirements and have performed up to departmental metrics. A scavenger hunt can be an involved game, so it would be sufficient to do it once a quarter. A game like this can help motivate employees to increase productivity and maintain their performance numbers.

The Board Game

Games that inspire creativity can work as motivators and team building activities. Break employees into groups. You can choose to keep departments together, or you can encourage cross-departmental cooperation by mixing people from different departments into on group. Each group's task is to create a board game. That is the only instruction they are given. With that instruction they must think if a game, develop playing pieces, write the instructions and think of a marketing campaign.

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