Kinds of Laboratory Apparatus in Physics


When working in any scientific field, you will need mechanical aids. You cannot mix chemical solutions properly without beakers, and in the field of physics you run into similar problems. Determining how long an event takes is an essential part of physics. Physics also often deals with detecting the unseen, such as tiny particles far too small for the unaided eye to see.


  • Possibly the most important apparatus a physics lab can have is a machine to measure time. Examples include:

    Laser gates
    (Computers can measure time more accurately and consistently than a human ever could.)

The Unseen

  • Another major category of physics is general detection. Detecting the unseen is a cornerstone.
    Examples include:

    Magnetic field detectors
    EMF detectors
    Weight scales


  • Perhaps the largest category of physics equipment is the one that involve machines. These machines are generally used to show principles of physics or determine new ones. Perhaps the current most famous physics machine would be the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Other examples include:

    This category is very long and diverse.

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